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How can I help you as a freelancer? On this page you see what I can help you with! My freelancer services are available remotely.


I'm Stefan

Started as a web design and social media freelancer years ago. I build websites and online shops , SEO friendly , mobile friendly and fully optimized for mobile. Web Design, Social Media and Online Marketing are my favorites. I am always orientated to best results for my clients. My activity as a freelancer is based on good feedback and positive referrals. My goal is to offer a Premium Experience. I am here to do my best in web design and social media marketing at affordable prices.

"Success is no accident | Keep your dreams alive"

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Some Facts About Me

Web Designer 5+ years | Creative | Responsible | Attentive to details | SEO | Soacial Media | 15 years Sales and Online Experience

Web Design





Google Ads


Social Media

What you get from me as a freelancer?

I am here to help not to sell, so this is how I can help you!


I am 100% in! Looking to deliver amazing website or campaigns only!

WordPress|Social Media


I don't give up until the project is completed.

Online Since 1999

Business Development

Microsoft experience helped me to help your business.

Business Development

Open mind

Multicultural interaction helped me to understand business cultures and have a different vision.

Freelancer Web Design

Typs & Tricks

I can provide some tricks that helps your online project.I spend 15h online daily.Call me!

Online Tricks


I have affordable pricing for web design and social media services. Different from an agency!

Freelancer Web Design


I'm here to help you create your next online project and plan every step.

UX/UI Design


I administrate your website takeing care of different tasks so you can have time for your business.

Website Admin

Do you still need me as a freelancer web design and social media? Drop me a message and I get back asap!

I offer my services as a freelancer for small and medium business.

Freelancer Stefan Amet

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